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Below you will find reviews of the best online paralegal schools and links to the programs that they offer. Request free information packets from these featured online paralegal degree programs using the “More Info” buttons below:

Liberty University – The Paralegal Associates Degree is ideal for working adults looking to affordably learn the skills they need to succeed in their paralegal career. With career-oriented classes offered at the convenience of the student, Liberty caters to working adults.
Post University – This Certificate in Paralegal Studies program is a fully accredited online paralegal program which is designed to meet the needs of busy adults. Students can take classes on their own schedule and at their own pace from the convenience of their own home.
Kaplan University – The Paralegal Bachelor’s Degree at Kaplan University gives students the opportunity to obtain higher level positions in the legal field with the possibility of more pay and responsibility than that of an Associate’s degree.
South University – The Paralegal Associates Degree by South U is an ABA accredited online degree that allows students to become a paralegal in under 2 years.
Penn Foster Career School – PF Career’s Paralegal Associates Degree is an accredited online paralegal degree which combines an excellent academic reputation with the cost savings that students are looking for.
Virginia College – The Paralegal Associate’s Degree from Virginia College is among the best online paralegal programs because of Virginia’s top national reputation among legal employers. The program offers flexible online classes which focus on the practical skills needed for a successful paralegal career.
Keiser University – The Paralegal Associates Degree program at Keiser is designed with the flexibility that working adults need, and allows students to become a paralegal in under 2 years.

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What Types of Online Paralegal Degrees and Programs Are Available?

  • CPL: Certificate in Paralegal Studies or Legal Assisting – Students seeking a certificate in paralegal studies provide extensive training in paralegal assisting. Most often certificate programs are designed for students with an undergraduate degree as supplemental training.
  • APL: Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies – This two-year program takes students through all the formal training of a paralegal or legal assistant. This is the most common paralegal degree type and program.
  • BPL: Bachelor Degree in Paralegal Studies – To earn a bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies, students must complete four years of legal assistant training and often complete internships as a part of the degree program. This type of degree is less common in schools than the associate’s degree.
  • MPL: Master Degree in Paralegal Studies – A master’s degree in paralegal studies is the least common degree program in the legal assisting field. It requires another two years on top of an earned undergraduate degree. By this time, you may as well head to law school yourself!

What education is required to become a paralegal?

Most employers hire paralegals or legal assistants with an associate’s degree or higher. Any other certification or training programs are voluntary in the paralegal industry, but may give entrants an advantage when seeking employment.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Paralegal School?

  1. Students should always attend a nationally recognized accredited school. Some paralegal programs also hold approval from the American Bar Association, but this approval is not necessary to enter the workforce.
  2. Next, you’ll want to compare costs between paralegal programs. Do they offer financial aid or scholarships? If you need a student loan, how much will you have to borrow to complete the program? Start by filling out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FASFA.
  3. Will you attend your legal assisting program in a traditional classroom setting or through online classes? Students that wish to keep a full or part time job may find that online degree programs are more flexible. If you’re not an independent worker, you may want to attend traditional classes at a brick and mortar college.
  4. Does the school of your choice help in job placement after earning your certificate or degree? Does the school have a career services office to help with your job or internship search? Will you have to complete a paralegal internship before you can graduate?
  5. Do you have experience already in legal assisting or working in a legal office? You may also want to consider finding an employer that will train you on the job. Some employers will promote and train prospective paralegals rather than hiring a fresh legal assisting student.

What schools offer online paralegal degrees?

  • National Paralegal College
    • Certificate in Paralegal Studies
    • Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies
    • Bachelor in Paralegal Studies
    • This nationally accredited school provides students with a quality education at their own pace through interactive classrooms. A bachelor’s degree can be completed in as little as three years.

  • American Institute for Paralegal Studies
    • Paralegal Certificate
    • This online school for paralegal studies has been accredited since 1981 and offers students a chance in complete assignments at any time. Courses are limited to 15 students each so personal attention is guaranteed. The program also has a 92 percent job placement rate for certificate holders. Both degree holders and non-degree holders can enroll in the program.

  • Blackstone Career Institute
    • Paralegal/Legal Assistant Certificate
    • Blackstone’s paralegal certificate will prepare students with the knowledge needed to perform legal research and prepare legal documents. During the course of the online program, students will also earn the 900 hours needed to be eligible for the Certified Legal Assistant exam.

  • Virginia College Online
    • Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies
    • Virginia College offers an associate’s degree in paralegal studies that will train students to work effectively in a multitude of legal atmospheres. Virginia College Online is fully accredited and offers financial aid to qualified students.

  • Ashworth College
    • Undergraduate Certificate in Paralegal Studies
    • Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies
    • Ashworth College developed an accredited online paralegal program that offers a certificate or two-year degree in paralegal studies. Tuition is low and based per credit hour. Financial aid is available to qualified students.

    • Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies
    • Bachelor Degree in Legal Studies
    • This accredited online program prepares students for a career as a paralegal or lawyer with a two-year degree program and a four-year degree program. New classes begin every month.

  • U.S. Career Institute
    • Paralegal/Legal Assistant Certificate
    • Students can earn an online paralegal certificate in as little as four months. The U.S. Career Institute is fully accredited and offers monthly payment plans for enrolled students.

  • Everest University Online
    • Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies
    • Bachelor Degree in Paralegal Studies
    • Students may enroll in a two-year or four-year online degree program that prepares them for a career in legal assisting or paralegal studies. The online program is accredited, but not ABA approved.

  • Minnesota School of Business Online
    • Paralegal Certificate
    • Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies
    • Bachelor Degree in Paralegal Studies
    • Students taking this online accredited paralegal program are taught by lawyers and experienced paralegals for a practical education. Each student seeking a degree is required to complete a legal internship for completion. The paralegal certificate program is designed for post- baccalaureate students to further their knowledge in law and managing cases.

    What Salary and Career Opportunities are available to students with a paralegal studies degree?

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, paralegals and legal assistants held approximately 238,000 jobs in 2006. Employment projection is expected to be very fast growing and excellent for paralegals and legal assistants until 2016. The handbook estimates that the career will grow 22 percent during this time period.

    Paralegals can earn as much as $60,000 or as little as $35,000 depending on location, education and experience. Paralegals and legal assistants earned a median of $43,040, including bonuses, in May 2006 according to the bureau’s report. Typically, the larger the firm, the larger the paycheck.

    Online Resources For Paralegal or Legal Assisting Students

    American Association for Paralegal Education – A national organization that promotes high quality education for paralegals and paralegal programs.

    NALS…the association for legal professionals – Once established as the association for legal secretaries, the association now represents those in the paralegal field as well. NALS offers three certifications for legal professionals: ALS…the basic certification for legal professionals, an entry-level exam for support staff; PLS… the advanced certification for legal professionals, a paralegal-level exam; and the Professional Paralegal (PP), a paralegal exam.

    Occupational Outlook Handbook: Paralegals and Legal Assistants – The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics information and projection report on paralegal and legal assisting careers.

    National Federation of Paralegal Associations – The first paralegal association established in 1974. The association represents paralegals and the paralegal and legal assistance profession. More than 50 member associations and 11,000 individual members are represented by the association.

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