84 Fun, Useful and Ridiculous Online Dictionaries

Occasionally you have to bust out a dictionary whether you are proving a point or just befuddled. These days you can go classic, Merriam Webster, or quirky, Dream Dictionary, you can find the definition of probably any word you can dream up or dream about.

Classic Dictionaries

1. Merriam Webster Online – The online version of the classic dictionary also provides a thesaurus and a medical dictionary.
2. Dictionary.com – In addition to providing a great dictionary and thesaurus, dictionary.com offers word games, trivia, crossword puzzles, and more.
3. OneLook – This no frills site provides definitions, translations, and even a reverse dictionary.
4. YourDictionary.com – This helpful site provides not only a dictionary and thesaurus, but audio pronunciations, usage examples, and wild card dictionary searches.
5. alphaDictionary.com – This alpha and omega of dictionary searches lets you scan over a 1000 dictionaries at the same time, and provides a bevy of blogs, games, and more.
6. The Free Dictionary – This dictionary has words from 11 different languages, special dictionaries for medicine, law, and finance, and even an encyclopedia and literary reference guide.
7. NinjaWords – This site’s claim to fame is that the dictionary loads “really fast…fast like a ninja.

Language Dictionaries

8. Multilingual Dictionary – Translate whatever you need from 30 different languages with this easy-to-use site.
9. Foreignword.com – This thorough site offers searches, software, articles, resources, and, of course, all of the translation tools you could ever need.
10. Dictionarist – This online talking dictionary will read you definitions in 13 different languages.
11. Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid – Search through Latin word stems and word endings with this great resource that keeps this dead language alive.
12. ASLPro.com – This American Sign Language page provides quick-loading videos to demonstrate every word on the site.
13. Navajo Code Talkers’ Dictionary – If you’ve always wanted to be a wind talker, use this handy Navajo Code Talkers’ Dictionary and party like it’s 1945.
14. Hawaiian Dictionaries – If you’d like to speak the language of paradise, search through this great dictionary of Hawaiian terms and definitions.
15. Chinese Character Dictionary – Use a variety of awesome searches to find info about various Chinese characters.
An Artist or Writer’s Dictionary List
16. The Anagram Dictionary – Just like the name sounds, this simple site serves as a one-stop shop for your anagram needs.
17. Brewer’s Phrase and Fable – This digital version of Brewer’s famous reference work offers the lowdown on allusions, mythology, and figures from both history and fiction, as well as a few more surprises.
18. The Phrase Finder – This handy site helps you hunt down famous phrases, along with their origins. It also offers a phrase thesaurus that can help you create headlines, lyrics, and much more.
19. WriteExpress Online Rhyming Dictionary – If you write poetry, songs, or just like to speak in couplets, Shakespeare style, this site will help you find the rhymes for your writing times.
20. Rhyme Zone – Another great site for tracking down rhymes, the site also features the full text of Shakespeare, Mother Goose, and more.
21. Vocabulary of Alliteration – If you’ve always adored awesome alliteration, this site will help you bring more alliterative verse to your writing and speech.
22. Dictionary of Difficult Words – As the name says, this quirky dictionary specializes in helping you with more difficult words, so you can eschew obfuscation when it comes to the English language.
23. Mnemonic Dictionary – If you like learning and memorizing through mnemonic phrases, this site is a great creative way to build your vocab.
24. The Phrontistery – This quirky site focuses on helping you add “weird and unusual words” to your everyday life.
25. Dictionary of Symbolism – This University of Michigan site lets you brush up on all aspects of symbolism.
26. QuotationReference.com – This quote-a-riffic site provides words of wisdom on all possible subjects in an easy-to-search site.
27. William Shakespeare – Whether you’re a burgeoning Shakespeare scholar or you think Shakespeare’s characters sometimes sound like they’re speaking Elvish, this site will help make the words of the Bard easier to understand.
28. Artlex Art Dictionary – Everything about art—from aesthetics to art collections—is contained in this slick site.

Educational Dictionaries

29. WordSmyth – This educational dictionary site provides quiz makers and glossary makers, beginner’s dictionaries, and many more teacher-friendly resources.
30. Online Etymology Dictionary – If you’d like to know the origins of words as well as their definitions, this etymology dictionary is the site for you.
31. Cambridge Dictionaries Online – This no-frills version of Cambridge’s own dictionaries provides research data, learning help, and much more.
32. A Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names – If you’re a “can’t” when it comes to Kant and you think “Nietzsche” is something you say to someone who has sneezed, this site’s for you.
33. The CMU Pronouncing Dictionary – With over 125,000 entries, this pronouncing dictionary will help you say the right thing the right way.
Ridiculous and Weird Dictionaries
34. The Rap Dictionary – If you’d like to look up the hip-hoppingest rap lingo on the planet, this rap wiki is for you.
35. A Dictionary of Slang – This England-flavored (or flavoured, if you will) slang dictionary will keep you hip with our friends from over the pond.
36. The Online Slang Dictionary – This slang dictionary lets you see where words and phrases are used, how vulgar they are, and even has a slang thesaurus.
37. The Foolish Dictionary– Another great site with humorous definitions, this page also provides a bevy of amusing illustrations.
38. Dictionary of Custom License Plate Terms – Before you get your custom vanity plate, check out this site that provides the shortened slang you need to get the most out of those limited letters.
39. The Omnificent English Dictionary In Limerick Form – If you like learning and laughing at the same time, browse this site of over 55,000 definitions…in, of course, the form of limericks.
40. Wisdom and Fun – This tongue-in-cheek site provides humorous definitions to a variety of terms.
41. The Online Dictionary of Playground Slang – Another great slang source, this site is broken into easily-to-browse sections.
42. Aussie Slang – If your friend won’t shut up about the shrimp on the barbie or the dingo that ate his baby, direct him to this site for some new Australian slang.
43. Urban Dictionary – This slang dictionary lets users add their own definitions, while others rate how accurate it actually is.
44. The Skeptic’s Dictionary – This website/book “features definitions, arguments, and essays” on everything from “zombies” to all things “supernatural, paranormal, and pseudoscientific.”
45. Twitter: wordexplorer – These helpful tweets bring various words of the day, with amusing entries such as odd Scrabble entries and “Weird Word Wednesdays.”
46. WordSpy – This Twitter-friendly site focuses on bringing you new words, complete with context; if you’d like to learn about everything from mindcasting to space headaches, this site’s for you.

Research Dictionaries

47. Easton’s Bible Dictionary – If you don’t know your Saul from your Paul or where the heck Damascus is, use this kid-friendly Bible dictionary.
48. Law.com Dictionary – Enter specific legal terms, search by definition, or simply browse through this great online law dictionary.
49. Financial Dictionary – If your financial vocabulary primarily consists of screams when you look at your assets, it might be a great time to bone up your knowledge with this financial dictionary.
50. Dream Dictionary – Skip the expensive psychoanalysis and use this handy site to decode your dreams.
51. Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary – This easy-to-navigate site also does a great job helping you figure out what your dreamworld adventures actually mean.
52. Dictionary of Botanical Epithets – If you’ve got a green thumb (or would like one), use it to click through this amazingly thorough dictionary of botanical terms.
53. Legal Dictionaries – Whether you’re a law student or just a Law and Order fan, this straightforward site will help you with all things legal.
54. Bartleby.com Great Books Online – Every great book you can think of searchable by fiction. Non-fiction, reference and verse.
Game Dictionaries
55. Scrabble – Search the Scrabble dictionary, see how many points your words are worth with the Scrabble word builder, and other fun features.
56. Amo’s Online Crossword Puzzle Dictionary – Using the letters you have already and the amount of letters the word has, this site helps you take on any crossword puzzle.

Technical Dictionaries

57. Webopedia – If you need information on computers and/or Internet technology, this simple site is the one for you.
58. A Dictionary of Units of Measurement – This measurement site is great across the world, helping you figure out the differences between the international system, the metric system, and everything in-between.
59. WhatIs.com – What sets this dictionary apart is that you can browse by topics, such as Programming, Security, Hardware, and more.
60. Mac 101: Dictionary – This site gives Mac users the 411 on accessing the included dictionary on their computer.

Searchable Dictionaries

61. Google Dictionary – The world’s greatest search engine provides searchable dictionaries for 20 languages.
62. The DICT Development Group – Go high-tech with your word searches with this site, which lets you narrow down your searches and peruse results from over 75 unique databases.

Subject Specific Dictionaries

63. Food Dictionary – With over 4,000 food terms, you’ll be devouring this delicious dictionary’s info for a long time.
64. Virginia Tech Multimedia Music Dictionary – This musical glossary has mp3 examples, quizzes, simulations, and all the music info you’ll need.
65. Music Dictionary – This great site not only provides music definitions and translations, but offers interpretations and commentaries to help you learn.
66. Ballet Dictionary – If you don’t know your adagio from your allegro, use this great site to brush up on your ballet info.
67. Street Drug Slang Dictionary – Find definitions and slang for drugs of all stripes with this simple site.
68. Dictionary Of Occupational Titles Index – If you’d like to know what someone’s job actually entails, use this dictionary, as supplied by the Department of Labor.
69. Online Dictionary of the Social Sciences – Everything from info about Aboriginal peoples to xenophobia is on this social sciences site.
70. Travel Industry Dictionary – This site brings you the low-down on travel industry slang, acronyms, nicknames, and more.
71. Occultopedia – If you’ve decided to follow in Fox Mulder’s exploits of researching “the paranormal, occult, and inexplicable,” this searchable encyclopedia of the weird and unexplained is right up your alley.
72. DOD Dictionary of Military Terms – Learn your military lingo from A (“absolute dud” to Z (“Zulu Time”).

Kids and Picture Dictionaries

73. Yahoo! Kids Dictionary – This kid-friendly site helps your little learners become language experts in no time.
74. Little Explorers – Another great kid-friendly site, this picture dictionary helps kids visualize as they learn.
75. The Visual Dictionary – How does a word look? Find out with this exciting visual dictionary, which provides definitions (and even a thesaurus) with visual explanations instead of sentences.
76. The Internet Picture Dictionary – This no-frills picture dictionary is broken up into sections, making it even easier to search.
77. Word Central – This site is great for kids and teachers alike, with features that let you build your own dictionary, fun games, and even a robot mascot named Alpha-bot.
78. Visuwords – This online graphical dictionary not only provides definitions, but helps you visualize the relationships between words.

Science and Medical Dictionaries

79. Imagine the Universe! Dictionary – This NASA site helps give you a glimpse of the entire universe.
80. Geology and Earth Science Terms and Definitions – This geology dictionary will help you get to the bottom of it—“it” being Earth, of course.
81. ChemiCool – This Chemistry dictionary helps you follow in the footsteps of the greats, like Bill Nye and Mr. Wizard.
82. Dictionary of Cancer Terms – This National Cancer Institute site provides all of the information you’ll need to learn about cancer.
83. Medline Plus – This government-supplied medical dictionary provides information you know you can trust.
84. Diabetes Dictionary – This site is your one-stop shop for diabetes information and terminology.